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New Innovation for permanent hair removal at home

As one of the top medical aesthetics equipment companies, Leaflife is a trusted leader in beauty technology innovation. Under the background of the design and manufacturing of professional medical equipment, Leaflife innovates Planar LED for hair removal. With unlimited flashes, ultra-high energy, 360°annular ice Cooling, it can painlessly remove hair evenly and prevents regrowth, for smooth, beautiful skin that lasts.

After 3 times, enjoy smooth skin. Less light hair removal cost.

Professional medical equipment’s design and manufacturing background, utilized imported LED chip, single-chip power up to 100W. Ultra-high real energy density 25J/cm², comparable to professional hair removal machine.

Before therapy

hair grow faster and dense 

After 1 times

hair grows slowly, reducing by more than 80%

After 3 times

best home light hair removal, 99% will be cleaned

Improving the quality & appearance of your skin

NIR energy is transmitted to the subcutaneous, heat energy stimulates collagen regeneration, also reach perfect skin rejuvenation effect.

Scope of application:

Suitable for skin with facial sagging and aging, yellowing, dullness, roughness, fine lines or expression lines, large pores, etc.