Planar LED Mate (White) - World's first LED hair Removal Device


  1. World’s first LED hair Removal Device, professional medical-grade technologies;
  2. Up to 100 million flashes lifelong, enough to share with your family and friends;
  3. 360° annular Cooling & Painless, full-body permanent hair removal for women & men;
  4. Ultra-high real energy 25J/cm², comparable to professional IPL laser hair removal machine, perfect hair reduction result;
  5. BSI Medical 13485 quality control, Leaflife’s unique full contact sensor detect technology, safe at-home light hair removal;

Why choose us?

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Free Shipping

Free Shipping most Countries

Money Back Guarantee

180-day Money back guarantee

International Patent

Innovative Original Technology

2-year Warranty

All devices with 2-year Warranty

World's First LED Hair Remvoal Device

After 3 times, 99% hair will be cleaned

with Patented LED Hair Removal Technology

Originality by Leaflife

360° annular ice cooling

100 million shots

Ultra-high energy 25J/cm²

Dual treatment modes

 Three shots per second

 Touch control

Improving the quality & apperance of your skin

NIR energy is transmitted to the subcutaneous, heat energy stimulates collagen regeneration, also reach perfect skin rejuvenation effetc.

Scope of application:

Suitable for skin with facial sagging and aging, yellowing, dullness, roughness, fine lines or expression lines, large pores, etc.

A closer look at Planar LED Mate

Powerful and effective

Utilized USA LED chip, single-chip power up to 100w. Ultra-high real energy density 25J/cm2, comparable to professional hair removal machine, excellent hair removal effect.

led chips

360°annular ice cooling , Synchronized HR

While removing hair with strong light energy, it relieves the hot feeling of epidermal skin, more safe and comfortable. It shrinks pores and makes skin delicate and smooth.

Durable and cost-effective

Power LED chip, stronger heat resistance, and current resistance, professional and mature complete machine design, the device is very stable. Ensure that the effective lifespan shots is unlimited.

Planar led 600x415

Perfect integrated device body and screen design

Smooth lines, higher class style. Unique and impressive appearance look. Utilizing more advanced IPS screen, more clear color display, fast operation response.

The fastest personal hair removal device in the world

Maximum 3HZ frequency, 180 flashes in 1 minute, no need to press button all the time, sliding operation on large skin area, complete body hair removal fast and efficiently. 

Exquisite treatment tip and window design, small skin area, and bikini area can also be easily treated.

Unique full contact sensor detecte technology, safe to people of all skin colors around the world

Selected 780-850nm narrow wavelength of near-infrared light, the recognized golden wavelength range for hair removal, also suitable for all skin colors. If non-full contact, no trigger light release protect eyes safe and avoid misoperation of non-applicable people.

Does Planar LED Mate work for me?

Suitable skin color

Suitable hair color

*About Tattoo: You should not use Planar LED Mate handset over tattoos. However, going around the tattoos is fine.

How to Use

Step 1

Shave your hair in hair removal part.

Step 2

Gels on hair removal area.

Step 3

Plug in and turn on the power.

Step 4

Wear glasses to protect your eyes.

Step 5

Turn on the machine and select the energy level.

Step 6

Complete body hair removal easily.

* More information about operate step, please refer to our user manual